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Westfield finds

Pottery from Warsop Westfield

Drawings of a small selection of the more identifiable pottery sherds from phase one of the Westfield Farm excavation 2016.
The initials, indicating the fabric types, are taken from the National Roman Fabric Reference Collection (Tomber and Dore 1988)

WWF drawing4
WWF drawing 1
WWF drawing5

large greyware jug

Greyware cooking
pot with an unusual
rim profile

Derbyshire ware
storage jars


These few sherds demonstrate the diversity of ceramic and glass vessles which were in use at this location.

A spindle -whorl made by
re-using a broken sherd of
Romano-British greyware


A bronze object as yet unidentified.

Part of a decorated Tegula, a
Romano-British roof tile.The upper surface is soot blackened,
probably from fire after a roof collapse.


A sherd of Samian pottery with a
traditional 'ormalu' pattern on the
external decoration.

Part of the base of a Samian bowl
made in Gaul around AD 180.
It shows the stamp with the potters
name - CLEMENS.