Sookholm Church Foundations 1961

Sookholm Church 1972

Type; Base of church tower

Location; Sookholm, SK 548669
Project Leaders Jim Turner and Frank Fletcher

A local group of enthusiasts were involved in the restoration of the tiny and neglected church at Sookholm .Pevsner describes the building as a ‘simple, two cell, Norman chapel which could be as early as 1100’.
Evidence in the stonework of the west elevation suggested that a tower may have existed and the Society was asked to confirm this.
A small area excavation revealed the foundations of a square tower and the only small find was a fragment of a decorated clasp possibly from a prayer book.
Curiously, the base of the tower was found to be several dgrees out of alignment with the existing body of the church.
Drawings of these foundations and a south elevation of the church are filed in Mansfield Museum.

Sookholme church ex.
Sookholme 001