Skegby Bloomery 1970

Type;  Medieval Iron Bloomery

Location;  South of Skegby Church, SK493609

Project Leader Derek March


The discovery in 1969 of a hoard of over 400 Edward I silver pennies close to St. Andrew’s Church in Skegby led the society to examine the surrounding area in more detail. Some irregularities in the plot of land immediately below the graveyard prompted an area excavation of about 100 sq.ms. The archaeology was very close to the surface and within the top 20 cms. was found a large quantity of iron nails, slag and charcoal.

Three large postholes cut into the bedrock were interpreted as an open sided work shelter. This contained an extensive hearth area. Outside this structure were a number of unexplained circular cut features whose diameters varied from 500 cms to 1.5 metres.

Pottery finds at the time were diagnosed green glazed Stamford ware.

Evidence of a cobbled road or trackway was identified running across the hillside in a S.W./N.E. direction.

No artifacts, report or drawings can be found of this work; the only record is this eye-witness evidence (below).

(The few finds, including a sherd of Medieval pottery have since been located in the storeroom at the Brewhouse Yard Museum and it is the Society's intention to re-examine these )

bloomery plan