Two mounted Neolithic axe heads, locally found and on display in Mansfield Museum.

1/ polished Langdale greenstone.

2/ semi-polished east Anglian flint.

Flint knife

Flint knife,possibly Neolithic found at Forest Town.
Hafted in the maner of the one found on the 'Iceman' in the Dolomite Alps

PPPcase 002comp
PPPcase 001comp

Mansfield Museum's new display case March 2014

Drawing upon the extensive flint collection of the Sherwood Archaeological Society and other items in the Museum's store, Bob has put together a most comprehensive sequence of Prehistoric Projectile Points.

Aided by a clear Time Line, the sequence begins with re-creations of two Mesolithic carved antler points and concludes with a socketted bronze spear point found at Park Hall.

Apart from the two replicas, all the items on display are derived from find spots within a five mile radius of Mansfield town centre.
Hopefully this with encourage a better understanding of the prehistoric landscape of our area.

My thanks to our member, Robin, for aquiring a fine specimen of a Red Deer antler.
Also DR. Ben Elliott of York University for his overwhelmingly thorough PHD thesis on the subject of the use of antler points in the British Mesolithic and their methods of constuction.

IA model 003 comp
Brooch for title

The Roman fibular brooch from the 1975 Moorhaigh Farm excavation.

Life in the Iron-age

Three views of the new model Iron-age roundhouse recently inserted in the ExplorActive section of the Museum.
It is created to a 1/76 scale and fits into the top drawer of the child-friendly discovery section.

cutaway comp
general view comp
stoke hole comp

The bath house stoke hole
and wood store.

front view comp
entrance comp

Main entrance