Farnsfield Roman Marching Camp 1978

Farnsfield Camp 1978

Type; Roman Marching Camp

Location; Blidworth Lane, Farnsfield, SK639557
Project Leaders Jim Turner and Catherine Swarbrick

The results of aerial photography by Dr. Derek Riley prompted an investigation
1 mile S.W. of Farnsfield. Three trenches were dug across the visible
cropmarks and a very typical Roman defensive ditch was sectioned.
In the infill 4 romano-British coarse-ware pottery sherds were found plus one base sherd thought to be of iron-age date.
There was much conjecture as to the time lapse of the back-filling as some of
the exposed surfaces showed signs of weathering.
It is also unclear whether the pottery sherds were residual or contemporary;
possibly quite an important point.
The report and all the photographs and drawings are filed in Mansfield