Dorket Head 1973-93

Type;  Iron-age/Romano-British Enclosure

Location;  Ramsdale near Calverton, SK 596485

Project Leaders, James and Catherine Turner


In the ongoing examinations of the Nottinghamshire earthworks recorded by

Major Hayman Rooke in the 18th. C. Dorket Head has received by far the most

archaeological attention.

Over a 20 year period using weekends mostly in the summer months the

team sectioned samples of all the visible features and recovered the largest

assemblage of Iron-age pottery yet found in Nottinghamshire.

In the report published in 1992 Jim stated, with his usual flair for

understatement, ‘Dorket Head is a difficult site to assess’.

The typical playing-card outline of a Roman encampment is undoubtedly there

as observed by Rooke but the iron-age pottery finds outnumber the Roman by

four to one. The perimeter and intermal ditches were sectioned at several points.

The finds from the whole site reflect a very long period of occupation which is

not surprising given the commanding strategic position of the headland.

Copies of this report are still available from the Society.

The report, drawings and the day books kept by the excavator are filed in the Museum store as are the pottery sherds and the iron sickle.  Permission to view this archive must saught from the Museum's Curator or via the Society's contact address on this website.

Dorket Head

1973 - 1993

Dk.Hd. site plan Dk.Hd.pottery



from the


Cath & Jim overseeing at Dorket Head comp

The late Cath and Jim Turner, on site circa 1980.

The difficulty of excavating between tree roots is very evident !

In the Museum we have the day-to-day working records of Jim's meticulous attention to detail.

Also a letter of acknowledgment of his work signed by Sheppard Freare no less !