Cotton Mill Farm


Cotton Mill Farm 1969

Type;  Medieval Moated Site

Location; Ediingley, SK 653558

Project Leader R.D.Smith


Crop marks of an apparent rectangular enclosure were noted by the aerial

photographer Jim Pickering in 1967.

The farmer was interested in the history of his land and three trenches were

dug, two to cut the features visible from the air and one to test the central

and higher level. The central oblong features within the enclosure were

concluded to have been fishponds and the irregular rectangle of the outer

ditch was consistent with other Moated sites in the East Midlands. The central

test pit revealed no structures nor was any firm dating evidence found. A

large house adjacent to the field on the northern side is known as the Grange

and this may provide the clue to the area’s original use when attached in

some way to a monastic order possibly in Southwell. When this use of the

land was no longer required the field was flooded to provide a head of water

for the mill in the S.E. corner of the field. This darn is clearly marked on

several maps of the 18th and 19th centuries. Further work could be justified

on the history of this mill.

An excavation report with section drawings and plans are filed in Mansfield


Cotton Mill Farm ex