Combs Farm 1961


Type; Iron age/ Romano-British

Location; Famsfield, SK 631552
Project leader Brian Simmonds

This site is one of a group of so-called hill forts first noted by the
antiquarian Major Hayman Rooke in 1798. His observations of
Nottinghamshire earthworks are reported in the Transactions of the Thoroton
Society and can be easily accessed in the Mansfield Woodhouse
reference library where laminated prints of his original drawings are
The site appears as ‘camp’ on the Ordnance Survey maps and our aim was to
confirm its precise location and estimate its date of construction. The ditch
and its bank were sectioned with a 4 foot wide trench and although, not
surprisingly, no dateable artifacts were found, the ditch profile conformed to
one of Iron-age date. However the excavator did note that the well defined
slot in the bottom of the ditch, whilst not of the same dimensions as the well known
Roman military feature, could have Roman influences.
The report of this excavation and its background can be found in The
Transactions of the Thoroton Society 1963 edition pages 9 to 13.

Comb Farm diggers jpg

Two founder members.....who can identify them ?

O.k. they are sitting on the section edge but a good looking class of volunteer you will admit !